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How to maintain a POOL DECK and when it needs to be professionally maintained

A great looking pool deck can elevate the overall look and feel of the pool area. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your deck in great shape. Even if it sounds so much like a chore it’s actually extremely beneficial in terms of saving money from drastic repairs. It also improves the aesthetics and safety of the area. In this article, we answer the internet’s burning questions regarding pool deck maintenance.

Concrete pool decks can be soiled by winter stains, bird droppings, or dirt and debris. Monthly routine cleaning every month is ideal to prevent staining. To keep your concrete deck sparkling clean here’s what you can do:

Sweep off debris such as dirt and dried leaves with a broom. Mix in mild soap and degreaser with a bucket of warm water. Use a scrubbing brush with nylon bristles to work the soap mixture in. Hose off the scrubbed area to rinse thoroughly.

To repair concrete cracks on a pool deck, you will need a concrete coating contractor. (You’re in luck call Atlantic Concrete Coatings 480-993-5159 we will help! 📷) You can use one that is either epoxy or polyurethane. The cracks need to be large enough for the repair agent to seep through and bond to the substrate. Prep the crack by enlarging it with a hammer and chisel. Brushing of debris and rinse with water. Apply the repair agent and smooth it out. Let it cure for the recommended amount of time.

Pool deck resurfacing isn’t exactly a DIY project. It takes the right manpower, equipment, and expertise to get the job done right. It is advised to consult a pool deck contractor for resurfacing (Call us at 480 – 993-5159). BUT if your stubborn and If you’re wondering how it is done, here is a brief summary:

A pool owner to choose the right overlay for their pool area. During which time considering safety, aesthetics, and functionality.The pool deck is prepared for the overlay application. It is thoroughly cleaned and minor imperfections are spruced up. To protect the basin, it is either covered or drained completely.The coating or overlay is applied with the proper techniques and methods to achieve the pool owner’s desired look.Finally, the concrete pool deck is left to cure completely and made sure that it is undisturbed during the curing time.

If you want to know more regarding pool deck maintenance, repair and resurfacing visit our homepage or For more interesting articles read through our blog.

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