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“Because Plain Concrete is Just Plain UGLY”

Concrete is arguably one of the best flooring materials with the myriad of advantages it offers. However, bare concrete isn’t exactly a floor’s most visually appealing form. Our trademark quote “Because Plain Concrete is Just Plain UGLY” It’s a good thing there are a number of ways to enhance the appearance of a concrete floor. How so, you may ask? This article answers just that. Read on to find out the different ways you can refurbish concrete floors with colors and patterns.

Interestingly, colors have a way of making us feel a range of emotions. The psychology behind this is the reason why nothing sets the mood quite like a well thought out color scheme. Because flooring occupies a large space in a certain area, you might want to consider giving it a splash of color.

You can choose to complement already existing colors in an area with neutral tones. Or you can match the walls and other design elements with a different shade of the same color. Whichever route you take, don’t be afraid to get creative. To achieve this for concrete floors, staining, dyeing, and colored epoxy coatings are ideal options.

Much like colors, patterns are a design staple used to enhance the look of a concrete floor. The use of patterns is an effective way to display creative symmetry or disorientation. It stimulates the eyes and gives personality to an area.

On concrete floors, it can be applied as a base that covers the entire surface. In contrast, it can also be used to embellish a smooth solid floor as a decorative accent. Patterns range from exquisitely intricate to elegantly simple. These can even be mixed and matched to create a striking effect. For indoor floors, this can be applied along with color through stenciling and engraving. Popular options for outdoor floors include concrete stamping, patterned overlays and custom scorelines.

Although you can opt for solid-looking floors, colors and patterns are elements that usually come hand in hand. The key to combining these two elements in a tasteful way is finding the right balance. Bold colors in disoriented patterns aren’t easy on the eyes and are better left in abstract paintings. When it comes to concrete floors, avoid this kind of clashing as much as possible.

If you want to learn more about decorative concrete floor options, Visit us at or or call Matt at 480-993-5159 with any questions you may have.

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