Atlantic Concrete Coatings, Inc.
Texture, Stone & Flagstone
Create a Unique look with Texture Coatings

A texture coat can be a really nice way to finish off plain concrete without a lot of fuss. The acrylic coating is troweled down to the texture you prefer most, and a beautiful blend of colors is applied, followed by a clear seal to lock in color.

Add Beauty & Durability with the
Look of Natural Stone

Now you can have the same beauty, elegance and the lasting durability of natural stone at only  a portion of the cost.

Whether you want to look of Flagstone, Sandstone or Slate, we can duplicate the look of natural stone and even match the color to your surroundings.

Hand Crafted Beauty Faux Flagstone

Our faux stone patterns are hand-carved, never stamped, which allows us to create the perfect style and color for you.

Created out of a 100% acrylic coating with the a clear coat sealer the long life and durability of our natural looking stone pattern will enhance the beauty of any outdoor space.

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